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Photon-X Product: Customized

Photon-X LLC is dedicated to provide state of the art customized solutions to achieve dramatic improvements in performance, power, cost, and size of components and modules for RF Photonics, Optical Communication, Bio Photonics and Display Applications. Our innovative optical and electronic designs enable a reduction in optical and electronic components that cuts the size and electrical power consumption significantly below that of conventional designs while providing high performance. Compact, high-performance modules are assembled from discrete building blocks that can be independently optimized. Our company has an extensive expertise on modeling, designing and prototype manufacturing in following areas:

Passive Photonics modules and subsystems
  • Polymer Waveguide based Delay Lines: High Precision Ultralow Loss and Polarization Independent
  • Polymer Waveguide based Filters: Athermal AWGs for 10-100 GHz Resolution, Echelle Gratings for 5-40nm FSR, Mach-Zehnder Filters.
  • Polymer Thin Film based Systems Anti Reflective Coatings, Anti Abrasive Coatings, 2D Gratings.

Active Photonics modules and subsystems

  • Optical Amplifiers Low Noise Figure Fiber Amplifiers for O, S+, S, C and L-Bands, High Power Double Clad Amplifiers for 1060-1115nm, S+, S, C and L-Bands.
  • Pulse Sources Q-switched Lasers, Mode-locked Lasers, Gain switched Lasers, Phase modulated Lasers.
  • Polymer Waveguide based Optical Switches Analog/Digital Switches, Analog/Digital Phase Tuners.
  • Polymer Waveguides based Optical Sensors Grating Based, Interferometer Based, Dopant Based.

Advanced Materials

Photon-X LLC fabricates extremely low-loss waveguides from next-generation optical polymers. The polymeric waveguide structures have excellent environmental stability and unique design flexibility. These record-breaking material systems are a key element for our thin film based systems as well as novel passive and active polymer based photonic modules



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